How did a home-based business achieve such incredible growth and prosperity?

The very beginning.

ServiceMaster founder, Marion E. Wade, had a very strong system of moral and ethical principles that he instilled in his company from its inception as a mothproofing business decades ago.

To honor God in all that we do.

Faithful adherence to a strong moral and ethical ideal should guide all aspects of a company's operation, as well as one's personal life. It's not an expression of a particular religious belief, or a basis for exclusion. Rather, it's a mandate for inclusion and a constant reminder for us to do the right thing in the right way.

To help people develop.

As a leader in the business community, it is our responsibility to help people develop personally, as well as professionally. To this end, we provide our employees with ongoing opportunities to learn new skills and advance within our company.

To pursue excellence.

Only by providing service excellence can we achieve our other goals. If we remain true to our principles, we cannot be satisfied with "good enough". We must always strive to provide our clients the highest in quality and value.

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